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Post by Coraliss Meara on Sat Jun 13, 2015 4:27 am

Coraliss Meara
Cleric level 1
Semi-Lawful Good
Follower of Garl Glittergold
Female Age:78 Height: 3 feet Weight: 40 pounds Bright Blue eyes, Light Brown hair, tanned skin
Domain: Good, Protection

Str - 10  0
Dex -13  1
Con -12  1
Int - 16  3
Wis -14  2
Cha -14  2

HP: 9   AC: 11  Speed: 20


Attacks: Staff +0(1d4+0)

Gear: Cleric Vestments
Holy Symbol Wooden
Belt pouch
thread 10 spools coarse linen

Feats:Augment Healing +2 hp/spell level

Languages: Gnome, Halfling, Common, Sylvan

Skills:Concentration 4.0
Craft (tailoring) 5.0
Diplomacy 6.0
Heal 6.0
Knowledge (Arcana) 4.0
              (History) 4.0
              (the Planes) 4.0
Profession 4.0
Spellcraft 5.0

Gnome Racial Spell-like abilities

Coraliss never wanted to grow up as a child, but time does not wait for anyone. As the years moved on she continued to learn and read, two of her favorite things. Eventually, she decided that what she wanted to do most in life was to help people. Becoming a cleric of Garl Glittergold allowed her that opportunity. She entered with the blessing of her parents and family and was excited to see what would await her while she trained. She eventually came to realize that while studying to be a cleric had its good points, it had begun to wear on her. She could not wait until she was done studying and truly be able to help people. The idea of being on her own for the first time was at times a fantastical idea that she could not seem to wrap her head around. Other times it felt like it was so close that all she just needed to do was reach out and grab it. By time the final ceremony came around she faced it with a sense of fear of what of the unknown of what lay ahead and an excitement of the possibility of finding her dreams.

Coraliss Meara

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