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Rules of the Arena Empty Rules of the Arena

Post by Elliott the Undying on Tue Jul 28, 2015 8:33 pm

Welcome to the arena where blood and gold flow proportionally.

Gladiators will be signed up for fights at the discretion of arena administration or by personal challenge. Personal challenges can be issued by any gladiator to any gladiator up to 2 ranks above or 1 rank below the issuing gladiator. The refusal of a personal challenge results in victory granted to the challenging gladiator. The challenging gladiator will be promoted to the receiving gladiator's rank and the receiving gladiator will be demoted one rank if the challenger is of a lower rank or is the same rank. Gladiators can rise in gladiator rank at the discretion of arena administration or by personal challenge. There may be any amount of any gladiator rank except master and grandmaster. There may only ever be 10 masters, and only ever 1 grandmaster at any given time. There may be less than 10 and 1, but never more.

Gladiator ranks are as follows:
Rookie - 10% training stipend.
Brawler - 15% training stipend.
Bruiser - 20% training stipend.
Veteran - 25% training stipend.
Enforcer - 30% training stipend.
Elite - 40% training stipend.
Master - 50% training stipend.
Grandmaster - 50% training stipend. Access to Grandmaster's suite and box seating.

All stipends are subject to increase or decrease depending on the entertainment value of the fights. A flat 5% stipend will be awarded to gladiators who survive defeat.

Gladiators sign over any and all personal belongings on the gladiator's person and in arena waiting areas at the time of the gladiator's death to be sold by the arena for profit in the Suzail market. No items on the gladiator's person or in arena waiting areas at time of death may be claimed by means other than full price purchase in the Suzail market by friends, family, or other relations.

Any person who, whether by the individual's own free will or by legal force excluding arena staff, enters the arena combat floor is entirely responsible for whatever befalls the individual on the combat floor. No gladiator, arena staff, arena administration, guard, or any other entity will be held responsible for the injury or death of any individual entering the arena combat floor by the individual's free will or by legal force. Individuals forced into the arena combat floor illegally may hold the entity who forced the individual responsible not arena staff, arena administration, or any other uninvolved entity.
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