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Post by Elliott the Undying on Sat Jun 06, 2015 4:56 pm

Elliott the Undying
Warblade - level 21
Lawful Neutral (Law of the contract, not the land)
Recognizes Bartholomew and Kord as his patron deities. More loyal to Bartholomew, sees Kord as more God-like. Formerly recognized Heironeous as his God.
Male  2,562 years old   5 foot 10    236 lbs   Blue Eyes   Short Dark Hair  Dark Tan Skin

Str - 29     9 
Dex - 28    9 
Con - 27    8
Int - 24     7 
Wis - 23    6  
Cha - 21    5 

387 HP      

AC - 41 (24 touch, 37 flat footed)    
          Unarmored: 34 (29 touch, 25 flat footed)

Fort: 25
Ref: 28
Will: 18

BAB: 20 (+1 epic bonus)
Grapple: 29

+3 speed, Collision, Lightning Burst Large Bastard Sword +34/34/29/24/19 (2d8+25+1d6)
+3 speed, Collision, Lightning Burst Large Bastard Sword +34/34/29/24 (2d8+25+1d6)
(If in two hands) Sword as above +34/34/29/24/19 (2d8+29+1d6)

+4 nimble mithral banded mail of greater fortitude (Check penalty: -1)
Ring of protection +5 and natural armor +5
Ring of anticipation
Ioun Stone of Insight to AC +5
Headband of INT +6 CHA +6 WIS+6
gloves of DEX +6 True Strike at Will
Belt of STR +6
Amulet of Constitution +6
Extra-dimensional pocket
Instant fortress
Vest of resistance +5
Vampiric torc
Potion of heal (+110hp) x2
Potion of enlarge person x5
Guild Hall in Suzail
          Mercs: 25
Gold: 246,849

feats (condensed): (up to date lvl 21) (next feat: perfect 2 weapon or leadership)
Imp toughness
Two weapon combo
Greater 2 weapon fighting
Gigantic weapon
Imp crit - B swd
Wep focus - B swd
Epic Wep Spec - B swd
Combat reflexes
Lightning maces - B swd
Imp 2 wep def
Close Quarters Fighting
Adaptive Style
Vital Recovery
Scribe Martial Script

Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven, Orcish

Maneuvers known: (Up to date lvl 21)
2nd: Disarming Strike
3rd: Iron Heart Surge
4th: Lightning Recovery, Bounding Assault
5th: Disrupting Blow
6th: Iron Heart Endurance, Manticore Parry (+4), Moment of Alacrity
7th: Quicksilver Motion
8th: Adamantine Hurricane, Diamond Defense, Lightning Throw
9th: Strike of Perfect Clarity, Time Stands Still

Hearing the air - blindsense 30 ft
Dancing blade - +5 ft reach
Supremacy of steel - +10 movement speed
Supreme blade parry - dr 5/-

Skills: (up to date lvl 21)
balance - 22
Climb - 22
concentration - 14
Diplomacy - 26
Intimidate - 25
Jump - 21
Swim - 17
Tumble - 22
Martial lore - 33

EXP: 222,417/231,000

    Elliott the Undying is a marvelous specimen of a Warblade. He was always a fighter. He settled disputes with other boys by beating them up ruthlessly and always claimed to be the best fighter out of his friends whether he really was or not. As other boys began learning their fathers' trades at age 10, Elliott despised his father’s legacy as a salvage trader. The only thing he looked forward to in life was the bi-monthly trip to a town on the other side of the province where a monastery of monks would meditate and train. On those trips, he would stop paying attention to the old fool buying and selling junk and behold the grace, power, and speed of those monks. After a year of watching and wanting, Elliott suddenly became more helpful around the salvage yard. There were always heavy things to move around, and Elliott was just the one to move them.
    At age 14, Elliott joined a group of boys who would fight in the streets and gamble on fights. This displeased his father and mother, but they couldn’t stop him from participating try as they may have. Here, he learned that a big ego and putting on a show was the way to get big bets placed on him. It also caused resentment to grow in the rest of the group.
    At age 15, Elliott got his hands on an Iron Heart training manual and began drilling forms and maneuvers in the scrap yard with a heavy steel bar in place of a sword.
    At age 17, part of the group pressured Elliott against his better judgement to host a fighting match in his dad’s scrapyard. That night, only a few of the group showed up. It happened that it was only the ones who despised Elliott. They attacked him all at once, 7 versus 1. He knew that yard well though and was able to use the paths in it as choke-points so he would only have one on him at a time. He knocked one out with an elbow strike to the chin, broke another’s elbow, in a clench, the next cracked one of Elliott’s ribs with a knee strike. Elliot responded by wrenching his opponent’s head down and driving his knee into the guy’s nose. Another was down and out with an uppercut to the solar plexus.
    The last three took a moment to weigh their odds and noticed Elliott’s injury. Picking up bars and a chain, they prepared to kill him but found him with a bar over his head in a deep horse stance. They laughed at how ridiculous he looked, but their mirth died as he baited them to attack from above. He rooftop parried and counterattacked the first one, caving in the back of his skull. The other two swung too closely in time, and Elliott chose to block the overhead bar. His counterattack made connection with the bar wielder’s head as the heavy chain slammed into Elliott’s wounded ribs and cracked two more. As he fell, the other boy wrapped the chain around Elliott’s neck and pulled until Elliott fell unconscious.
    Half an hour later, he woke up in his bed with his mother over him. She told him how his father had shot the last boy with a crossbow and was out speaking with the members of the human army who were acting as guards. Elliott’s pride was wounded by his father’s intervention, so he refused to speak to him. He spoke to the guards about the other boys who were now  wounded or dead because of him. The boys who were still alive were taken to be publicly whipped that morning for their assault and trespassing charge. Once the guards left, Elliott packed what things he had, threw 5 gold at his father’s feet, and took a solid metal bar from the yard.  That night he visited a temple of Pelor for healing his ribs, then left for the monastery.
    Age 20: Elliott left the monastery as a follower of the Iron Heart discipline, trained in the way of the sword. He joined a mercenary guild.
    Age 22: Elliott discovered his aptitude for dual wielding and utilized it. He gained a reputation among the mercenaries for his speed and power. He was named “Elliott of Thunderous Strikes.” Elliott approved of this name.
    Age 28: Elliott’s strength allowed him to use bigger swords. The king conquered the province.
    Age 31: Elliott is approached in the guild by a ranger and a bard. They asked his help and paid him a reasonable fee. His employers were agents of the king, and were tasked with quelling the remnants of the old kingdoms known as the Resistance. In a fight against the resistance, Elliott began to hold a deep respect for Carly, the bard’s twin sister, after she jumped from 40 feet off of a flying carpet and bisected her foe with a greataxe. Elliott was approached by Galathos, a mysterious gentleman who proposed a contract to Elliott and paid with infernal strength. Oblivious to the dangers of such a deal, but still suspicious of foul play, Elliott hesitantly accepted. In a fight with a storm giant, two hill giants, and several foot-soldiers, Elliott was renamed “Elliott the Undying.” Elliott liked this name more. Elliott and his friends used trickery to divert a 200 strong army led by a half-dragon away from one of the king’s key towns. That same day Galathos revealed that he contracted every member of the group and betrayed them, leading them into an ambush of devils. They all die, but Elliott, true to his name, endured two coup-de-grace attacks from a pit fiend before dying from the third. Elliott and his friends arrive in Baator and were guided by their psionic friend to fight their way out. Upon resurrection, they appeared in the demi-plane of that psion. Elliott makes his group promise not to tell anybody that he died.
    Age 31-34: Elliott trained with Carly under Bartholomew, a titan master of dual wielding large swords with a dire bear pet, for two years. Here he met a master of the lightning maces style and translated it to be applicable to bastard swords. For one year, he trained under Catlina, a legendary duelist, who enhanced his ability to deflect enemy attacks.
    Age 34: Elliott and his group demolished the leader of the resistance and scattered his forces. Upon returning to the Capitol, the kingdom was swarmed with devils. Upon killing many, many devils and getting annoyed at the ranger for taking all the kills, Elliott and his party confronted the woman responsible for the invasion. She almost killed Carly, and Elliott stood over her body defending an honored comrade. After killing the heck out of the last boss… erm, defeating the devil lady, Elliott, for the first time in his life, allowed another person, Bartholomew, to take the glory for his accomplishment. After the city was purged of devils, Elliott returned to the psion’s demi-plane to train further under Bartholomew. The psion granted Elliott an elixir of immortality for his services keeping him at age 34 forever. Years later, the Psion was accepted by Aeo as a Deity, and everybody was kicked out of her plane. Elliott, Bartholomew, and Carly went to the plane of Kord to battle on his fields of glory, and Bartholomew brought his chair. Kord was impressed by Bartholomew’s prowess in battle, and enjoyed his good-natured company. Bartholomew made an offhanded joke about two swords being better than one, and Kord heartily accepted the challenge by sitting in Bartholomew’s chair. They fought for honor. Kord won but was impressed as was Aeo. Bartholomew ascended to Godhood. After a few centuries, in which a Diamond Mind warblade and Elliott tutored each other in their arts, Elliott grew jealous of Bartholomew’s new power and started becoming annoyed by his usual haughtiness. Elliott parted ways with Bartholomew as friends with the fires of ambition burning in his heart. Carly decided to accompany him. A cleric of Bartholomew sent them to the most powerful kingdom of the physical plane at that time: Cormyr.
     Elliott met up with Carly's twin sister, Layla, and together they built the Undying Mercenary Co. He also made a name for himself in the Suzail arena by becoming a master gladiator. He spent a year training men and spending hundreds of thousands of gold on improving himself magically to become the strongest version of himself. Now he was faced with the challenge of leading his men and making his legacy.

(All underlined content is subject to change as it is another player’s cannon.)

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