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Crystal Mist Empty Crystal Mist

Post by Crystal Mist on Fri May 05, 2017 7:57 pm

Name: Crystal Mist
Levels: Druid - 4
Race: Half Elf
Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity: Ehlenastra
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Height: Average
Weight: 140
Eyes: Silvery Blue
Hair: Blond
Skin: pale but lightly tanned

Str - 9        -1
Dex - 12     +1
Con - 10       0
Int - 14       +2
Wis - 16      +3
Cha - 14     +2

HP - 28

AC - 16
     Flat footed -  (15)      Touch - 11

Fort: 4
Ref: 4
Will: 9

BAB: 3
Grapple: +2

+1 Scimitar +3 (d6)
Sling    +5(d4)

Dragonhide Breastplate
+1 Scimitar
Mwk sling
20 rocks for sling
Gold: 2,235

feats: (choose 2)
Iron Will
Lightning Reflexes

Special abilities:
Half-Elf abilities:
Immunity to sleep spells and similar magical effects, and a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against enchantment spells or effects.
Low-Light Vision: A half-elf can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. She retains the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.
Druid abilities:
Animal Companion - Leopard (Black Panther) Keladry
Nature Sense - A druid gains a +2 bonus on Knowledge (nature) and Survival checks.
Wild Empathy - A druid can improve the attitude of an animal. This ability functions just like a Diplomacy check made to improve the attitude of a person. The druid rolls 1d20 and adds her druid level and her Charisma modifier to determine the wild empathy check result.
Woodland Stride - Starting at 2nd level, a druid may move through any sort of undergrowth (such as natural thorns, briars, overgrown areas, and similar terrain) at her normal speed and without taking damage or suffering any other impairment. However, thorns, briars, and overgrown areas that have been magically manipulated to impede motion still affect her.
Trackless Step - Starting at 3rd level, a druid leaves no trail in natural surroundings and cannot be tracked. She may choose to leave a trail if so desired.
Resist Nature’s Lure - Starting at 4th level, a druid gains a +4 bonus on saving throws against the spell-like abilities of fey.

Languages: common, elven, druidic, sylvan, (one more)

Skills: -4 to STR and DEX based stats while wearing breastplate)
(* = class skill. Class skills are 1 point =1 rank. Non class skills are 2 points = 1 rank) (Max of 7 RANKS per skill. Other bonuses allowed on top of ranks)
Appraise (Int) 2
Balance (Dex) 2
Bluff (Cha) 2
Climb (Str) 0
*Concentration (Con) 1
*Craft (Int) 3
*Diplomacy (Cha) 5
Disable Device (Int) +2
Disguise (Cha) 3
Escape Artist (Dex) + 1
Forgery (Int) +2
Gather Information (Cha) 5
*Handle Animal (Cha) 4
*Heal (Wis) 5
Hide (Dex) 3
Intimidate (Cha) 2
Jump (Str) -1
*Knowledge (Nature) (Int) 3
*Listen (Wis) 5
Move Silently (Dex) 3
Open Lock (Dex) 1
Perform (Cha) 3
*Profession (Wis) 4
*Ride (Dex) 2
Search (Int) 4
Sense Motive (Wis) 4
Sleight of Hand (Dex) 1
*Spellcraft (Int) 3
*Spot (Wis) 5
*Survival (Wis) 5
*Swim (Str) 0
Tumble (Dex) 2
Use Magic Device (Cha) 3
Use Rope (Dex) 2

Spells per day:
0 - 5
* Purify Food and Drink
* Mending:
* Detect Magic
* Know Direction
*Cure Minor Wounds

1 - 3 + 1
* Speak with Animals
* Produce Flame
* Magic Fang
* Detect Snares and Pits

2 - 2 + 1
*Summon Nature’s Ally II
* Heat Metal
*Heat Metal

3 - - + 1
4 - -
5 - -

Animal Companion - Leopard
HP 19/19
AC 15
Attacks Bite: +6(1d6+3)  2 claws: +1(1d3+1)
Pounce: when charging, can make full attack at end of charge against one foe.
rake: when starting a round grappled, can make 2 claw attacks at +6(d3+1).
Improved grab: when hitting a foe with bite attack, can start a grapple without invoking attack of opportunity.
Grapple mod: +5

EXP: 6,000 (next level at 10,000)

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Crystal Mist Empty Crystal's Bios

Post by Crystal Mist on Fri May 12, 2017 3:15 pm

Crystal Mist is a half-elf born in The Reaching Woods under the name Serinia Lillypettle to an elven mother whose name was Lilly Crystalstream. Their people were the wild elves, who revered the god Corellon Larethian, and saw him as a symbol of their freedom, wild nature, and worshiped him as not only a patron of elven kind but a protector of their tribe.  They were feral in their spirituality, and sought to be in tune with the Seldarine pantheon through nature, and therefore only rarely held official religious ceremonies.   Serinia’s mother on the other hand was more peaceful than the other wild elves in the tribe and was seen as a healer by the tribe and to all that was under the tribe’s protection.  Compared to the tribe Lilly was calm and gentle often tending to a garden, nursing wounded or orphaned animals, and she secretly worshiped the goddess Ehlenastra raising her daughter with the values of Ehlenastra. Lilly encourage Serinia be fair and see the good in others despite their species or race, to seek an emotional state of balance, and to put greater value in purity of heart over the shallow freedom that their tribe revered.  This particular group of wild elves was particularly independent, tough, and feral from living in the gnoll infested forest they never hid their disdain for humans seeing them as a lesser race refusing both contact and trade with them.  Despite her mothers best efforts to protect her ancestry as she grew her half-human lineage became apparent and with it her tribe's distain for her.  She was bigger than the children her own age and in many regards more mature, she was paler skinned and lighter haired than any one else in the tribe, and to many of them she was no different than a human.  Serinia’s peers had been particularly immature in their dislike her, playing cruel tricks on her, excluding her from their doings, and resented that she and her mother were allowed to stay in the tribe. Serinia’s elders out of respect for her mother treated her only marginally better and for the most part ignored her as much as possible only acknowledging her existence when an unpleasant task needed fulfilled, eventually her only friends were the animals in the woods and her mother.  Fortunately Serinia’s accelerated maturation while partially facilitating the wedge between her and her peers also meant that she didn’t have to learn with others own age and so her mother took her into the surrounding forest more and more frequently accelerating her education in hunting, tracking, foraging, and using the excursions to teach her daughter more about the worship of Ehlenastra such as how to identify her forest shrines and how to make them and submit offerings. Serinia was unsure at first tho and did her best to also seek out education on Corellon and the other deities in the Seldarine pantheon there were many of whom she felt drawn to and she enjoyed the legends sang as songs and dances that were preformed in their honor. Lilly did not discourage her daughters religious explorations either and answered her questions willingly explaining that while not all gods and goddesses got along that understanding and knowledge of them was prudent and explained that out in the human world that there were many more gods and goddesses and told Serinia as much as she could. Eventually the lessons lead to her telling Serinia more about the human adventurers that she had met in the forest. Lilly felt strongly that it was important for her daughter to know more about the other half of her heritage and not view humans as the tribe did, and as time went on Serinia began becoming more curious about humans asking questions of her own instead of merely being subjected to lectures.  Once while out near a stream she asked her mother about her father wanting to know if he was one of the adventurers she had been told about.  Impishly Lilly claimed that she had no way know who Serinia's father was detailing that there had been a fertility ritual in honor of Ehlenastra and she had slipped away from the village to act as a priestess at the shrine and explained that she had seen many of Ehlenastra’s devotees during that time. With a rambunctious grin she did comment that she was fairly certain that her father was male, and human but it was hard to be sure at which Serinia pushed her into the river.  It was only 25 years before Serinia reached her physical maturity and it was time for her to perform one of the few traditional rituals practiced buy her tribe.  Wild elves had a practice of using tattoos to mark their accomplishments and individuality as a youth Serinia had already gained a few tattoos mostly ones that symbolized milestones in her life such as her first successful hunting trip, the first plant she grew without help, symbols of deities that she felt close to, and this ritual would lead to her most important tattoo a symbolic design that would represent the spirit animal which would guide her through adulthood. It was also important because her tribe believed that if a suitor could guess your spirit animal that they would have a special bond with you and the pairing may last longer. The tribe was not monogamous, but they valued the right to choose their own mates, and many of them preferred to take mates who shared their spirit animal or to submit themselves to another elf who knew what there spirit animal was without being told, and for this reason the tattoo representation of your spirit animal was symbolic, and not simply the image of your animal.  The day finally came when Serinia would be brought to the clearing in the woodland. It was protected by a blessed and dense ring of trees that prevented knolls and other evil beings from entering it. The clearing bordered a small clean spring from which a person could bathe or drink and a group of fruit bearing bushes grew in the clearing as well.  The ritual was preformed quiet simply in that the participant stayed enclosed by the trees around the clearing and burned herbs, they were allowed to worship the Seldarine, but were predominantly encouraged to meditate while breathing in the scent of the herbs until morning the next day during that time it was expected that the young elf would have a vision of their spirit animal.  Once Serinia meet with the vision of her spirit animal she would be confirmed as an adult.  It was also Lilly’s hope that this confirmation would give her daughter a greater degree of acceptance by the tribe as an actual wild elf.  Lilly had not been unaware of her daughters struggles and had done everything with in her power to raise her knowing all there was to know in the forest and tribe so that she would grow to be a respect worthy and productive member.  The tribes elders didn’t care how worthy of notice an ‘elf’ her daughter was Serinia’s passion in dance and song in celebrations, and capacities as a hunter and fisher while earning her daughter tattoos did not earn her the positions due to any other elf of that skill level. Lilly’s feelings on the treatment of her daughter could easily be described as a slow cold burn. However, she was the only shaman in the tribe, therefore she was responsible for knowing as much of the healing arts and protection magic as the spirits would teach her, and therefore they could not cast her and her daughter into exile, not could Lilly take Serinia and leave the place where she was needed.  Her tribe didn’t understand the spirits and Gods the was she could, and in her dealings with them she had been forced to be significantly less closed-minded than her brothers and sisters in the tribe. She went where her patron spirits sent her and preformed the rites due to the source of her power. It was the spirits urging that brought her to meet Serinia’s father and chance that united there beings.  He had been a wounded priest left for dead, and she had felt the need to heal him so she hid him in the ritual clearing and tended to him. Keeping him safe from both the forest monsters and the tribe had been the hardest part of the endeavor, but at first she likened it to tending an animal and called him human, in time while he never told her his name and she never asked she saw him as a man, and never knowing who he was became her soul regret from the encounter. The barely spoke and after there physical encounter he left. By the time she knew that she was with child there was no was for her to track him even if she had tried.  It was still dark in the early morning when Lilly knowing the path well led Serinia to the ritual site, showed her the way in through the forests canopy, and the way to climb down into the clearing. From the outside it looked like a grove of trees growing so close together that they grew into each other. The branches and the trunks were so tightly tangled together they formed walls and a roof which closed and grew tightly together at about ten to fifteen feet up. From the inside it was evident that the trees had been raised like this, and as legend had is the first wild elves that came here had been told to create the place by the Oak Lord himself, who had given them the seeds to plant and it had become the first camp of the wild elven people in the Reaching Wood. The trees were a mixture of tall growing fruit and nut trees many of which still bore fruit. It could comfortably hold six to eight elves and as the trees had grown the old occupants had woven the limbs of the trees together so that there were only a few small holes placed in the domed roof where they may have had need of sunlight to grow plants such as medicinal herb and other plants that they wanted to keep near to them. Two faced the sunrise, one would shine light in at midday, and the last two showed the sunset. The portal that Serinia and Lilly had come from was high up above the ceiling and an ample size for elves to come and go through with game on their backs, but located in a web of living branches so that it was invisible from the ground and nigh impossible for less graceful creatures to find let alone clime up to and through without help. You could both walk and sleep on the ceiling for all that it slanted up into a subtle dome shape it had been used for drying herbs and food and little ridges prevented things from rolling off through the branches that grew up past its edges. The first opening was five foot up through the branches, and the second into the clearing itself was near the edge of the roof hidden by carefully places fallen branches. The interior wall at that place was roughly textured and the wall’s branches had been grown to form a ladder of sorts that provided hand and foot holds with enough space for two or three elves to clamber up and down.  The new camp was similar but much larger able to house a tribe of twenty some with cubbies in the wall formed from the trees for the elves to sleep in.  The current camp was grown just down stream from the first camp, and a new grove was already being tended and prepared down stream from that for if they ever should need to move or in the occasion that they out grew their current camp.  They were long sighted and saw no need to rush seeing the growth of their camp as a piece of art. This new one was already looking beautiful an Lilly had made sure that Serinia had done as much to tend it if not more than any other of the elves her age so that her mark would forever be in the tribes history whether they liked it or not.  Despite the damage to her reputation that she had suffered for her affair she was proud of her daughter and knew that half-elf or half-human Serinia was as she should be, and was everything that Lilly wanted in her child. In the clearing Lilly and Serinia gathered the herbs now cultivated there for the ceremony they smoked the best when fresh, and their essence was also the most potent when freshly picked. She arranged them in piles mixing the herbs in proper quantities and adding in the dried roots that were gathered for the ceremony these five piles were large and would provide enough smoke for that day and into the morning when she would come to get Serinia.  She took one last look and her daughter as a child proud that she had survived to become an adult and was startled to see how much like her father she really did look. His gilded hair and pale eyes were just the start of his features, she had his strong shoulders and deep set eyes albeit hers were slanted and almond shaped. Lilly smiled her daughters face was like a forest cat’s well shaped and swept back from a strong chin, high cheeks and well placed eyes. Here ears were oddly shaped for an elf slightly too rounded at the tips but still not too ugly by elven standards, but perhaps Serinia’s father had had some elven blood too.  It was hard to tell at this point, but all the same with how lovely her daughter was Lilly was smugly pleased to think that even her daughter’s human blood may not prevent the males of the tribe from courting her.  Once the herbs were lit and began to smolder burning slowly yet steadily Lilly left her daughter. Serinia waited in the clearing as time went on the place became steeped in the fumes of the burning herbs only a small amount of the pale smoke escaped from the ceiling allowing enough ventilation to prevent the occupant from smothering. To occupy herself she prayed the troubles and desires of her heart to the gods of her tribe, she danced and sang softly communing in the ways that the elders had instructed her to do.  Finally as night came on she grew weary, and felt defeated and afraid.  Although she was raised as a wild elf she feared that as a half breed she had no spirit animal perhaps the spirits saw her as the tribe did.  She knelt down by the stream as it flowed through the clearing and stared at the midnight moonlit water the moon that looked back at her was in its crescent phase the ritual carefully timed so that Corellon would be observing the ceremony. Each of the Seldarine pantheon was represented in one way or another around the clearing their totems woven into the trees as they grew from saplings if ever one piece of forest was considered more sacred to the wild elves of her tribe it was this carefully cultivated place.  The only deity who was not represented was Ehlenastra, and Serinia wept wondering if her thoughtlessness in not bringing a totem to represent her was the reason she still had not entered the trance yet. She looked at the moon in the water and staring into the stream for a moment thought that she saw the goddess looking back at her from under the water then another tear traced it's path down the reflected cheek and Serinia realized that she only saw herself backlit by the silver moon.  Soon the stars dimmed and the light of false dawn pearled the sky the smoke from the herbs twisted into the morning fog that shrouded the clearing and in the clearing near the stream lay the young half-elf tear stained and restless in her sleep.  She knew nothing of the clearing around her and was especially unaware as cloven hooves quietly approached her.  She knew nothing of the pale nose that bent and sniffed her cheek, its warm breath stirring her hair.  The unicorn looked at her and felt pity that she was so troubled in her heart it understood that she was suffering but could do nothing for her but give her silent comfort.  Gently it lay down next to her and for a time it was just the two of them Serinia and Ehlenastra with her head resting on Serinia's chest.  This was the sight that presented itself to the small group of her peers who looked down through the holes in the ceiling. They had come to murder her once the moon- Corellon was no longer looking as they resented that she was becoming an adult before them, and that she was treated like a real wild elf just because her mother was still respected due to her skills.  The unicorn raised her head and looked at them its pearly horn glittering in the mist, she watched their withdrawal, and continued to guard her young ward until she began to wake.  Serinia awoke wondering why she felt so warm and with a lingering sense of safety she looked about her and saw nothing out of the ordinary the clearing was being painted by the sunrise gleaming through the roof and the mist of morning was quickly burning off stiffly she sat up and pondered over the dream she had.  It was not a dream of her spirit animal she was fairly certain of that because there had been more than one animal in the dream, she looked about hopefully wondering if perhaps she would see something appear in the fading mist and for a moment she thought she saw a luminescent outline of a unicorn just on the edge of the tree wall but suddenly their was a white flash and the fog was gone along with whatever she may have seen.  When her mother came to collect her she had no spirit animal, she had no vision of how to meet her spirit animal, and so she returned home with no place in the tribe.  Her mother gave her time telling the elders that her her daughters dream had been unclear and she needed time to meditate on the message she was sent, but Serinia feared that her mother was merely putting off the inevitable. It was evening the next day that Lilly suggested they go out to the woods early in the morning to watch the sunrise together she had something on her mind that she wanted to speak to Serinia about. The next morning they left at false dawn and traveled to the ritual clearing to lay on there backs and watch the colors paint the sky when her mother noticed a strange pattern on her daughter an almost indiscernible silver mark that swirled and twisted in intricate and beautiful fog like wisps from the hairline on the back of Serinia's neck down her back and across her shoulders and over her body like she had been clocked in mist.  It didn't glow in the dark or reflect light in fact it seemed it could only be seen in the pail false dawn light for as the sun rose the marks faded.  Curious she approached her daughter once the sun was up and carefully asked if she had felt different at all since the ritual, and asked her to tell her about any dreams at all that she may have had during the ceremony.  Serinia told her about seeing herself in the stream and explained that while asleep she had not dreamed as much as felt that there had been many animals all around her that they were waiting and watching her to see what she would do, that they all called to her in the voice of the wild asking her to call on them if ever she was in a time of need, some of them seemed to be seeking aid themselves but that she didn't know how to reach any of them.  She explained how she felt like there had been someone with her just before she woke up, but had seen no one, yet had felt at peace. She said nothing of the unicorn shape though because she was sure it had been a trick of the mist and nothing more.  Her mother mused for a moment and then told her daughter that she had asked her daughter to come with her this morning so that she could tell her how she had been conceived. Lilly explained that as a child she had not wanted the knowledge of her father to affect how she mature, but now that her rite of passage was over there was no more reason to hold it back from her. Serinia was hurt at first by her mother’s secret, but eventually understood as her mother explained what had happened to her.  Lilly knew no more who her father truly was than she did, but Serinia decided that it helped somewhat knowing that he was not one of many men who simply came together in a ritualistic orgy what she found interesting was the way he looked described by her mother and realized how much she must look like him.  As they spoke Lilly eventually encouraged her to go back to the clearing and look for any traces of animals who may have appeared in it during the ceremony, explaining that a spirit animal would not be barred by the walls around the clearing and perhaps some clue would have been left behind. Agreeing Serinia clambered down into the clearing area and began her search. When Serinia finally returned to her mother, she came baring twelve strands of glittering white horse hair.  Lilly took the strands from her daughter and told her daughter to wait for her and to meet her again at night fall then descended taking her turn in the clearing she silently prayed to Ehlenastra asking guidance and seeking the knowledge that she should give Serinia.  The answer came to her in the night as the moon shimmered off the strands of hair for but a moment she felt the murderous hearts of Serinia’s peers, knew the minds of the elder they saw her as not worth protecting as a potential treat to the tribe.  She saw the goddess with her arms wrapped around her daughter holding her close from behind looking over her shoulder as though prepared to guide her steps. A breeze blew through the clearing and for a moment Lilly thought she heard a gentle voice whisper send our daughter to me I will teach her her path.  Acting quickly Lilly plucked several of her own fawn colored hair and wove the strands into a necklace for her daughter she had no beads to put on it but she thought that perhaps Serinia would make her own beads and one day her story would be told on this keepsake. Meeting her daughter she told her that they should gather some rations for travel and together they got together a pack that her daughter would need for travel.  Lilly told Serinia that she felt that it was time she left the tribe that she felt that Serinia was being called to a greater path that would guide her away from the forest she explained that Serinia may be being called to follow the path of a druid.  Serinia was interested by her mother’s words it set well with her that she may be called to serve nature and although it frightened her that she may be destined for more than a life in the tribe it slowly started to grow into excitement.  Lilly warned her daughter that she had felt there was danger for her if she stayed in the tribe and that it would be best if she left as soon as she could.  She gave the necklace to her and then told her that while she couldn't be sure if the hairs, which she had worked into it held the key to what her spirit animal was that she should keep it close in remembrance of her mother and the goddess they both served.  Lilly reminded that Ehlenastra was a patron of unicorns and while unlikely that the white strands where actual unicorn hairs symbolism and reverence would not be lost on their nurturing goddess.  Serinia put on the necklace gathered the last of what she needed to travel and set off to see what humans and the world outside of the forest was actually like.  

Serinia headed south east until she came upon a road, which she followed eastward until she reached a place with many humans and unnatural dens that the humans came and went from like ants in the forest. For a time she merely watched them and became accustomed to the accent in which they spoke and quickly realized that there was much more to humans than even her mother had been able to tell her. Eventually she worked up the courage and upon entering the town she discovered that its people called it Iriaebor. She began exploring this new human world and continued wondering at their foreign customs.  Used to the wilds she was unbearably uncomfortable surrounded by their architecture and found much of their way of life to be somewhat destructive she also discovered once in the town itself that asking for an individuals personal title was customary but she was uneasy with revealing her given name, having been raised to believe by the tribe elders that humans could work magiks that used your name to control you.  So quickly overwhelmed she fled and set camp just outside of the town. After some thought Serinia decided to begin introducing herself as Crystal Mist; Mist after the mist like tattoo that had appeared on her after the ceremony, and Crystal in memory of her mother, whose examples she strived to follow. In an effort to understand more of the humans culture Crystal began spending much of her time running simple errands and doing odd jobs such as healing animals, helping people with plants, pets, horses and other livestock.  The hardest part for her was learning about and earning money, but the more she listened to the bards tales and heard about the other places around the realm the more she understood that currency was just something she would have to get used to.  Overtime she was offered an exceedingly well paying job to assist a bard in traveling to the city of Eveningstar.  Her job would be to tend the horses, and catch meat on their trip when they arrived he would pay her and she would be released from his services.  The trip cut right through the land and she saw many different things along the road.  Once in Eveningstar she quickly learned of the many deities that were worshiped there and became particularly interested in the god Obad-Hai who many druids revered and was deeply fascinated by a small shrine to the goddess Ehlonna, who she came to discover had been called Ehlenastra by her mother.  It was encouraging to know that even here among the humans her goddess was worshiped even if it was under a human name, and while many other things in this city confused her (particularly the priests who worshiped gods and goddesses who were far removed from the Seldarine pantheon) it was a source of great comfort that Ehlonna was familiar to her.  Soon after parting the bards company Crystal discovered that deeper in to the human realm it was not so easy to simply camp outside the walls, but an older priest of Pelor offered to take her into his home when he saw her trying to set up a makeshift camp near the shrine of Ehlonna. The others in the temple were kind to her as well and in their teachings she found healing and peace allowing her to let go of the unkindness she had suffered at the hands of her people.  She became particularly close to the elderly priest called Raizer Sunshield he had taken her in because she reminded him of his son, and she became like a daughter to him.  He helped her adapt to 'civilization', and taught her to read and write and gave her a basic human education, but most importantly he helped her understand that among humans she was seen as a half-elf exotic and beautiful and should choose to see herself as carrying the best traits of both her peoples.  He convinced her to be proud of what she was born. In time Raizer taught her the hardest lessons that she had yet learned among human.  She witnessed the mortality of humans through him, and nursed him through his final days.  After his death she was bequeathed a great deal of money he had left to her, and a note asking her to use the gold as she felt lead by the gods. He told her in his note that he had sent letters to all his known kin that she was to be given hospitality by all with the sunshield name, and wrote that for that reason she should keep this note as his seal with her at all times. Crystal also soon discovered that the place he had lived belonged to the temple and the priests gently and firmly explained to Crystal that with Sunshield gone she could only stay if she joined the temple as an acolyte to Pelor.  Crystal stricken with grief by her first taste of death could no longer bare the confines of the city or the fast paced life that the short lived humans lived, for despite Raizers kindness and the pride she now felt as a half-elf she still didn't feel like she was one of them.  The dead priest’s gold was enough to outfit her with well made armor and a few weapons that she had taken a liking to, and so she gave her decision to leave the temple’s housing and fled civilization seeking refuge in the nearby king’s forest along the banks of the starwater. She quickly fell back into the habit of avoiding travelers, and hunting, and fishing for her food.  She harvested the bounty that the forest had to offer and grew in sync with the local creatures and plants everyday learning more about her path as a druid and never forgetting the lessons she had learned among her people.  She had left the name Serinia Lillypettal in The Reaching Woods, had grown accustomed to being call Crystal Mist, and now she grew accustomed to being called by no name at all.  She never took off her necklace for some how deep within her being if felt wrong to do so, and she continued to worship Ehlenastra in the ways her mother had taught her as a wild elf occasionally visiting the temple of Ehlonna for sacred rights and to leave offerings in the ways of humans.  Crystal understood now that she was a druid neither elven nor human, and somewhere between them there was a balance.  Wildness and civilization, day and night each had a gray zone, a false dawn and it was in that thin line of silver that as a druid she was called to live.

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Crystal’s Tattoos: Facial tattoo of lilies (familial tattoo), Honey Bee tattoos on the skin between her thumbs and forefinger and pheasant tail feathers winding up her wrists and forearms (represents her first hunt), branches on her shoulders growing down her arms (represents her craftsmanship in tending the home grove and forest plants), the silvery mist like a tattoo is on her back, shoulders, up the nape of her neck and down her arms it is a silvery sheen that seems to swirl  just under her skin and is only a shade lighter than her actual skin tone, and is one visible in false dawn or light that is equivocal.

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