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Race: Elf/Lich/Undead Name: Ravaatris Size: Medium Age: 259 Height: 4'4" Weight: 72 lbs. Eyes: Green (When Disguised, otherwise they are decayed) Skin: White (When disguised, otherwise rotted) Hair: Silver (When Disguised, otherwise it is still silver, but it is partly bald)

Worships: No one (But she serves Fraz-Urb'luu, unwillingly)

Class: 13 Level Sorcerer

STR: 19=4
DEX 16=3
INT 20=5
WIS 18=4
CHA 31=10


AC=31 Touch=18 FF=28
Base Attack Bonus/Grapple=6/10

Backstory: Ravaatris was born in a small village with of little importance, Ravaatris always believed that the simple village she resided in was not the life that she was destined for.  Her elven parents lived in a village that primarily consisted of humans, and these were not kind humans.  In fact, they were particularly bigoted humans, however, they still managed to be civil enough not to attack Ravaatris and her family, but there was no end of glares and whispered racial slurs.  She resented the humans who looked down upon her and her family, and she thought any day that her parents would take her away from the awful village they lived in.  Alas, little Ravaatris could not understand that her parents simply did not have the money to leave their livelihood and go somewhere else, besides, her mother and father had weathered this village for centuries as farmers.  Therefore, her parents were content to remain where they had always been, but this upset Ravaatris.  Ravaatris' resentment of her parents grew as she got older, especially since every time Ravaatris would return insults to the other children that insulted her, her parents scolded her.  This confused and angered Ravaatris.  However, as she got older, she found that she had the gift of magic within her.  She could hardly use it to any real effect, but her emotions fueled her enough to shock a few kids and singe their pants every now and then.  However, it didn't take long for this to bring the wrath of the children's parents down upon her.  Suddenly, a mob formed, demanding Ravaatris be given to them for punishment as a witch.  Ravaatris' parents refused, and the mob descended.  Ravaatris' father used his old bow and dagger to try and hold the mob off while Ravaatris and her mother fled out into the forest.  Ravaatris fled as fast as her legs could carry her, however, she tripped on stone in a field.  When she looked back she saw the mass of villagers running towards her, but no sign of her father or mother.  The villagers got very near, torches and pitchforks in hand.  Ravaatris was terrified, and could hardly find the will to stand again.  Instead, she began crying as she hid herself behind the stone she tripped on.  As she hid, she could still hear the villagers over her tears, but suddenly the sound changed.  She heard rustling in the ground, as if something were digging into it.  As she heard this new sound, she also noticed a change in the sound coming from the villagers, it changed from shouts of anger and hate to cries of fear.  Ravaatris found the courage to look up, and she was terrified by what she saw.  Bodies were digging themselves out of the ground and moving towards the villagers.  It was at this moment that Ravaatris realized she had tripped inside the villages cemetery, and at that moment another dead body shambled past her.  Ravaatris screamed in horror and closed her eyes, expected the monster to attack her.  However, no pain came, nor any feeling that would signify being attack, and so, Ravaatris opened her eyes.  She saw that the body had ignored her and moved towards the villagers, and she realized that the dead bodies weren't attacking her, they were attacking the villagers.  Ravaatris stood up and watched as the undead poured over the villagers, and as the screams of pain and terror rang from the villagers lips, Ravaatris smiled.  She enjoyed seeing these people, who had always hated and cursed her existence, suffer and die.  She began to wonder if perhaps she had done this, but at that moment a hand rested on her shoulder.  She recoiled away from it, and was about to run, sure that the undead had finally decided to stop ignoring her.  However, as she was about to run, she heard behind her, "Wait, I won't hurt you."  This got Ravaatris to turn around.  She saw a man in a black robe, an elven man.  The man spoke to Ravaatris and explained that he had seen how she acted, and that he had seen her magical ability.  Because of this, he offered her the chance to learn the ways of necromancy from him.  Ravaatris, seeing what this man did to the villagers she hated, accepted his offer without hesitation.  For many decades, Ravaatris learned the art of Necromancy.  She became quite adept at it.  Furthermore, while she was learning, her hatred for the villagers grew, and it eventually to encompass all races except her own, believing that elves were the most capable race.  After all, she possessed magical gifts that none of the other children did, and none of the adults possessed those gifts either.  It was also an elf that raised the undead to slaughter the town that sought to oppress her.  Thus, elves must be the superior race.  She also came to loathe those that did not possess the spark of magic within them.  In time, her hatred grew into pride, and she began believing that even among elves and magic users, she was the prime being, she was already starting to believe that she was greater than her teacher.  Because of this, her relationship with her teacher became more and more strained until, eventually, Ravaatris left.  She was convinced of her superiority, and she make sure others were convinced of it as well.  Since, in her mind, magic was superior to all.  She decided that she must learn greater magics, and accumulate articafts of great power.  However, after a few failed attempts to scour the world on her own, she made up in her mind to find a group of adventurers whom might make useful servants when it came to protecting her, and assisting her in finding artifacts.  Thus, she met a group of adventurers and decided to travel with them.  Immediately, she found that the adventurers were not nearly subservient enough, and this greatly displeased her, and even worse, one of them always demanded that the items they found in their travels should be evenly distributed.  It was absurd to Ravaatris that she should not receive the entirety of all treasure that the party found.  However, she remained with the group because, despite their insolence, her magical power was increasing with their aid in protecting her.  Eventually, the Ravaatris and her group came upon a lone man, who sacrificed himself to raise up an undead dragon.  Ravaatris was immediately intrigued, though she thought it was laughable that the man sacrificed himself to reanimate the corpse.  Still, the dragon had to be destroyed.  Unfortunately, Ravaatris was not in the habit of helping others, and so while the other adventurers went to work destroying the dragon's limbs, Ravaatris instead targeted the dragon's head with her spells.  However, this upset the dragon, and with one tremendous breath of ice, the dragon killed Ravaatris.  Ravaatris found herself trapped in the afterlife on the plane of Nerull.  However, she was not long fated to that wretched existence, for the outcast devil Fraz-Urb'luu had taken notice of Ravaatris' extraordinary ability to lie, as well as her magical ability.  Due to this, he made a bargain with the servants of Nerull to give Ravaatris' soul to him.  In exchange, Fraz-Urb'luu would have Ravaatris aid the servants of Nerull in destroying the holy city of Pelor; Bracén'Yurt.  The deal was agreed upon, and Ravaatris' soul traded hands.  Fraz-Urb'luu gave Ravaatris the chance to live again, but this was not enough for her, if she was to live again, she did not want the chance of dying a second time.  Thus, Ravaatris requested to be reborn as a lich.  Fraz-Urb'luu agreed, and Ravaatris came back among the living as a powerful undead sorceress.  Restored to life, Ravaatris had the ability to continue her path to dominance.  However, she had the new and displeasing shackle of servitude to Fraz-Urb'luu.  However, she would work on breaking free of that shackle later.  For the time, Ravaatris worked with Fraz-Urb'luu in assisting the servants of Nerull to destroy the holy city of Bracén'Yurt.  However, the plan ultimately failed, and Fraz-Urb'luu cut his connections with the servants of Nerull.  Ravaatris remains a servant to the devil, but she plots on ways to free herself.  For now, she roams the lands, looking for powerful undead to raise up and bend to her will.

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"Bracén'Yurt" is the name. Took some digging to find it since my inferior physical copy isn't with me currently. It's on the Alchemical Society page under the post succeeding the session with the Balthazar battle.
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