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Post by Elliott the Undying on Tue Jun 09, 2015 6:44 pm

Welcome to our province of Cormyr. Below are the descriptions of some of the cities you'll find here.

*Suzail - Suzail is the largest city of Cormyr and the largest port town on Dragonmere lake. It dominates the trade of Dragonmere and handles virtually all of the water-based imports for the massive population of Cormyr. There is also a great deal of farming in the surrounding plains. Suzail is the home to Cormyr's largest slave market. The surrounding farms need workers, and merchant ships need rowers. Mid-level crimes and higher can get one enslaved, also those who own neither land nor employment and also the excessively ugly are prone to enslavement. Purple Dragon guards protect the employed and land owners from the slavers who are allowed by the king to operate freely in the land. A large population requires large scale entertainment, so Suzail has the only gladitorial arena in Cormyr. Its proximity to Dragonmere allows easy flooding for naval battles. Criminals who are deemed too heinous for slavery are sentenced to death in the arena for the amusement of their fellow citizens. The King is known to take occasional vacations from training troops in his fortress in Dhedluk to Suzail to observe the proceedings of the arena.

*Marsember - Marsember, also a port town, is located at the mouth of the Starwater River. It handles exports from the numerous towns located along the Starwater. Fishing is very prosperous here due to the large amounts of fish that reside between Marsember and Nalufaen. Marsember has a small slave market to supply its farm and nautical labor needs.

Daerlum - Daerlum, A heavily fortified town.  It is the only city in the province of Cormyr that has a system of banking where the rich nobles will pay for guards to protect there wealth.  It is rumoured to have very expensive artifacts in it's great banks.  And some of the best guards in the province. Daerlum is Cormyr's and Sembia's source of currency where gold, platinum, and electrum are minted into coins.

*Arabel - Arabel is the land-based trade epicenter for Cormyr. It is a booming metropolis that prospers due to its accessible location from Northern and Eastern provinces. Arabel sees many merchant and trade caravans due to it not being blocked off by the treacherous Stormhorn mountains. It also has a port to transport goods down to Wyvernwater lake or even Dragonmere. Arabel's farms prosper due to the silt left behind when flooding occurs after especially heavy rains blow in from Dragonmere every few years. Due to the success of farming, land is incredibly expensive in Arabel and the surrounding plains. There is a moderate market for slaves to work these farms.

West Gate - West Gate, a town completely founded, ruled by, and populated by nobles.  Everyone in the town is very rich or wealthy.  You are not even allowed to live in the town otherwise.  All other residence of this town must live outside the walls and come into the town everyday for work.  Then must leave again to return home.

Teziir - Tezir, a town of liars, crooks, and thieves.  This town has a bad reputation for getting people hurt and having corrupt guards.  But it is only fitting since it is also the gambling capitol of Cormyr.  Where people come to test their luck and risk everything they have in hopes of winning big. Food from the farms of The Horse Prarie and a large amount of slaves from the Southern cities pass through Teziir's port on their way to the other cities of Dragonmere, primarily Suzail.  

*Elversult - A very militaristic town, the purple dragons train all of their mounted units here in the plains surrounding the city.  Inside the city the spell casters of the army practice their magic openly and experiment with new war strategies and tactic's.  Their is a low civilian count in the city and it costs a heavy fine to get in and to get back out of the city.

Iriaebor -  A very festive town, the bard college is located here where bards are taught to tell stories and sing songs.  there is a large halfling caravan route that travels through this town where they come to celebrate along with the mistrals.  But dark rumors of the city also speak of an evil presence behind the smiles.

Berdusk - Berdusk, a city populated mostly by Orcs and devoted to the worship of Gruumsh. This town thrives on its various brutal games that are played to show strength and win prizes. Citizens of the city are required to play in these games once a week.  Travelers are always encouraged to place bets on themselves and take on the citizens of Berdusk in these games. The town is ruled by a ruthless Orcish warlord. Pure-blooded orcs are considered first class citizens and all others inferior in this city.

*Espar - Espar is a well diversified city. It has mining in the Stormhorns, fishing in the Plungepool, logging in the King's Forest, and farming in land cleared by logging enterprises. It is also home to an Asylum where deteriorated people are dropped off by relatives if they are dangerous to their families or guards if they are too far gone for slavery and are rarely heard from again.

*Waymoot - Waymoot is a city sized slum. It has a large population of working poor individuals. There are a few large farms, but most people either work in the lumber mills or in refineries processing ores mined from Minroe and Espar. Refined metals are shipped off to the skilled artisans of other cities. Those without jobs or homes are often picked up by slavers and forced to contribute to society elsewhere.

*Dhedluk - Dhedluk is the political capitol of Cormyr. It is a very well fortified city surrounded by dense woods. This makes it nearly impossible for large siege weaponry to be used against Dhedluk short of an invading force constructing war machines nearby during a siege. Here the king rules behind his Purple Dragon Army. Those wishing to sign up for the army should start here

Collinwood - Collinwood is a large colony of halflings, gnomes, and a small population of pixies who congregated to live secluded from the larger races. There are modest temples and accompanying clergy of Yondalla and Garl Glittergold. The king's troops, who usually serve as guards in the other cities, have no presence in this colony. It is governed by the clergy of the deities who respect the boundaries and slight differences in laws of the other races. It is an overwhelmingly bright and happy place where tricks and practical jokes are laid and sprung in good fun.

*Eveningstar - Eveningstar is the religious capitol of Cormyr, most notably Pelor's church. It is a large city and has an enormous temple devoted to Pelor along with other less grand structures devoted to other deities. The faithful of Pelor are frequently seen in their sun emblazoned tunics about healing the hurt and aiding those in need. Eveningstar is home to the Paladin's guild that welcomes paladins who serve all good deities. Farming is prosperous in Eveningstar due to the flooding of the Starwater, and most, if not all, of the land in the surrounding plains is already owned and cultivated. Slavers are shunned by the many good religions of Eveningstar, and few enter the city to engage in their trade. Criminals are usually imprisoned and presented with the opportunity for community service to decrease their sentence. Rarely, a criminal is executed, but never enslaved. It is no secret that there is conflict between the churches that retain their autonomy and the king who wants to control the city.

*Minroe - Minroe is not a small town, but it is lesser in size than other cities. It is primarily a mining town. Many mines dot the Stormhorns' slopes, and there is a large demand for slaves to work them. Their ores are shipped to the refineries of Waymoot to be turned into ingots.

Hilp - Hilp is a town controlled completely by the black dogs mercenary guild.  Everyone that lives in this city is or once was a member of the black dogs and works as protectors for the headquarters of the black dogs.  Outsiders are not welcomed warmly and are usually "encouraged" to leave quickly.

* denotes a city under the rule of the Kingdom of the Purple Dragon
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